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Romeo vs Juliet is associate Indo-Bangladeshi venture romantic comedy film, created along by Eskay Movies and Jaaz Multimedia. The film is directed by Ashok Pati and choices a solid that has Ankush Hazra and Mahiya Mahi. The film is near to be free on sixteen Jan 2015. The film may be a politician remake of the 2013 Punjabi motion picture Singh vs Kaur.

ROMEO VS JULIET Full Movie Download

How do you rate a picture show where each and every actor performs like they are a a part of associate outside jatra performance? What do you call a picture show that encompasses a ridiculous plot that shows a village boy lusting once London’s richest woman on Facebook? And once his family and neighbours conceive to get him married to the village headman’s fat and ugly relative, he snubs them citing his intention to marry the same London woman. Thereafter, he travels to London (money? passport? visa? go figure) to woo the girl and woman, instead of lodging harassment charges against a creepy stalker, readily falls romantic with him! lastly, but do you rate a picture show whose hero (Ankush) and heroine (Mahi)’s performances cause you to worship Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakri? that’s film maker Ashok Pati’s latest outrageous venture,Romeo vs Juliet for you. Did we’ve an inclination to easily hear playwright sighing in his grave?

No, it doesn’t facilitate that 1/2 the film is shot in London’s beautiful locales; it jointly doesn’t facilitate that Kharaj Mukherjee, the great actor that he is, makes smart of a nasty state of affairs and offers the bored-to-tears audience some laughs. Finally.

ROMEO VS JULIET Full Movie Download

It put together doesn’t facilitate within the least, once dance hall lights hanging from the roof of the theatre starts flashing as quickly as a song sequence starts! once getting tortured for the endless two and a [*fr1] hours, observing Ankush, world organization agency makes a fool of himself on screen and a Bangladeshi heroine, whose name encompasses a ton of screen presence (in the form of the song Tui aamar Mahiya Mahi), than her actual self, this poor reviewer has one piece of advice for the director — do not place in an exceedingly veryn imitation of the long ‘suicide’ scene of Sholay in an exceedingly film that’s created with many money and zero logic. it’d give the peeved audience wrong ideas.

Ankush Hazra as Romeo, Mahiya Mahi as Juliet, Kabila, Kharaj Mukherjee, Supriyo Dutta, Ali Raj, Tulika Basu, Partho Sarathi Chakraborty, Nita Mistry etc
Bangladeshi performing artist Mahiya Mahi debuts among the Bengali business with this film. at the same time as the title suggests, this film is also a contemporary interpretation of the writer tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Ankush and Mahiya play the data next of two belligerent families. but once these two meet to a lower place tense circumstances, love blooms. things take a flip for the additional severe with lies, treachery and betrayal threatening the budding romance.

ROMEO VS JULIET Full Movie Download

Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet is also a fairly, sensitive, friendly popularization of the play—the lovers, author Whiting and Olivia Hussey, as young and jam-packed with life as they have to be, European nation of its time there intact, masses made up of the association between Romeo and Mercutio, beautifully contend by John McEnery. The prose suffers slightly, sounding plenty of like facet Story than perhaps it got to. among the classic speeches, one begins to fret concerning diction and want the stylish would recede and let author play through.


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But the scenes, the ball, the duels, unit so fantastically thought out and staged that things I had not noticed—the puppy play character of the duels at first—become extraordinary, temporally gift, and remote. aside from the poetry, and thus the fine archaic dignity of lover and Juliet, the story may be taking place shortly away. it is the sweetest, the foremost up so far romance on film this year.

There square measure fine, unanachronistic songs by Nino Rota and Eugene conductor, and scenes thus human, social, and derived from Dutch and Italian painting faculties that it’s a joy to look at, if approximately to concentrate to.

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Romeo and Juliet, once racked with sobs, endure too long, significantly since the crying will appear forced. Pat Heywood, because the nurse, appears too bawdy, cold, and virtually terrifying—in the manner that characters in movie maker movies suddenly become uncanny, and haunt children’s dreams. however these were clearly Zeffirelli’s acutely aware decisions and there’s such a lot else that leads one to trust what he will that he is also right in these uncomfortable decisions, too.

There is a softly homosexual solid over the film—not simply with Romeo and Mercutio, however with Juliet’s top being abundant too tight, or a form of Greek attention lavished on Romeo within the room scene. And nevertheless Romeo, his face approximately nevertheless integrated, and Juliet, with a special woman quality of lust, work fully right—as do Natasha Parry, because the classic beauty, woman Capulet, or Henry Martyn Robert Stephens, because the wise, liberal aristocrat of city. grain sorghum O’Shea plays religious Laurence, rather as a contemporary, radical-understanding dean.

ROMEO VS JULIET Bangla Movie Official Trailer

It would not be stunning if this film, with all its youth-adult, misses of contact, and its failure of the functionary post, ought to become the factor for youth to visualize. The business of locating dramatist thus firmly in a very place, some scenes, and bodies, however not in language quite, is worrying. however the moving picture, that opened yesterday at the Paris Theater, is finished with full awareness of the way it works, and it works touchingly.

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