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Rahasya moving-picture show 2015 Free transfer HD: The film spins around the narrative of a 18-year-old young woman, Rahasya  Full Movie Download,As totally different suspects and their thought processes square measure being tried, what seems is AN sensational story of a twofold murder. Rahasya moving-picture show 2015 Free transfer HD

Rahasya moving-picture show 2015 Free transfer HD. The film rotates round the narrative of a eighteen year previous young woman, World Health Organization is killed in her own residence. Her dad , is taken into account the prime suspect for the kill. Kay , within the a part of CBI Chief grabs the case and shortly discovers ensure that creates it additional laborious to work out World Health Organization exactly is responsible of Ayesha’s passing. As totally different suspects and their thought processes square measure being tried, what seems is AN sensational story of a twofold murder. Rahasya moving-picture show 2015 Free transfer HD

Full Name: Rahasya
Director: Manish Gupta
Writers: Manish Gupta, Manish Gupta
Quality: DVDRip
Genres:  Mystery, Thriller
Release Date: 30 January 2015
Language: Hindi
Cast:  Nimai Bali, Tisca Chopra, Farida Dadi

Rahasya Full Movie Download
Rahasya moving-picture show 2015 Free transfer HD A Doctor stands blasted for slaughtering his own specific eighteen-year previous lady. whereas this daunted father dissents his inculpability, all confirmation focuses towards him apparently. whereas his own specific married woman suspects him yet, the C.B.I. sleuth wanting into it infers that the specialist couldn’t have dead his own specific lady. So then, World Health Organization isn’t that right? conjointly, why? because the C.B.I sleuth appearance for these answers, he reveals a awful internet of quality and shrouded family privileged insights… Rahasya moving-picture show 2015 Free transfer HD

One of the releases in the week is Manish Gupta’s RAHASYA. RAHASYA suggests that ‘secret’ in Hindi. will this film live up to its title or falls flat? Let’s analyze.Rahasya  Full Movie Download,

The film starts off with the murder of Ayesha Mahajan (‘Baby’ Sakshi Sem), the sole female offspring of her folks Aarti Mahajan (Tisca Chopra) and Sachin Mahajan (Ashish Vidyarthi). As before long because the police begin the investigation the case,Margarita with a Straw Full Movie HD Download, the needle of suspicion moves from one person to the opposite. when having interrogated the suspects, the police then arrests Sachin Mahajan on the premise that he’s the ‘prime suspect’. once he’s cooling his heels in the jail, there enters the CBI Inspector Sunil Paraskar (Kay Kay Menon), who, when discovering that Sachin is innocent and is being incorrectly involved, goes on a mission to nab the particular perpetrator. throughout this journey, he discovers (read ‘uncovers’) several ugly truths. more to the present ar the twists and turns within the story, that additionally includes a string of murders. Every time there’s an individual within the kind of a ‘clue’ resulting in the particular murderer; that person gets abstracted in terribly mysterious circumstances.

Rahasya Full Movie DownloadWill Sunil Paraskar be ready to solve the sophisticated case, WHO is that the real mastermind behind all the killings, what was the $64000 motive to kill the innocent Ayesha WHO meant no hurt to anyone and what ar the ugly truths that Sunil Paraskar uncovers throughout the method of his investigation is what forms the remainder of the film.

Bollywood has witnessed many reel-life-imitating-real-life films like ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE, nobody KILLED JESSICA etc. With RAHASYA, director Manish Gupta has tried his boundary to stay the key (read ‘whodunit’) intact. One should admit that he achieves it to an outsized extent, because of the plot. The story facet of the film nonetheless, Manish suffers in his direction terribly badly. Even some wondrous performances may are extracted from the proficient solid, Manish fails miserably to accomplish that. Over an amount of your time, the film starts boring you thanks to it being stretched at unwanted places. One wonders what should are probing Manish’s head once he felt that the ‘realistic’ annoying sound of the munching dry fruits ought to be supplemental within the film! The sound extremely irritates over an amount of your time.Rahasya  Full Movie Download,

As the way, because the performances area unit involved, it’s Tisca Chopra WHO carries the film on her shoulders, even if their area unit places whereby even she starts over playing in few scenes. an equivalent will be same regarding Ashish Vidyarthi, WHO conjointly puts up a decent show.Roy Full Movie High Quality Download, Kay Kay Menon, WHO had a motivating role in BABY (which discharged last week), is incredibly unsatisfying within the role of a CBI Inspector in RAHASYA. He tries too onerous to mold himself into the robust cop’s role, however, fails within the discount. the remainder of the solid within the variety of Meeta Vashisht, Ashwini Kalsekar (really smart inbound places), Manoj Maurya and Vinit Kakar do their bit to hold the film forward. Rahasya  Full Movie Download,  Rahasya HD quality Full Movie Free Download,  Rahasya Low Quality Full Movie Download,  Rahasya Full HD Movie Download,  Rahasya Full Movie High Quality Download,


Rahasya  Full Movie HD Official Trailer

Both, the music of the film (Ranjit Barot) and therefore the background music fail to go away an enduring impact. The film’s piece of writing (Suresh Pai) is simply regarding average. Had he amended some minutes of the film, it would not have lagged as badly. The film’s filming (Faroukh Mistry) is strictly average.Rahasya  Full Movie Download,

Rahasya  Full Movie Download

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