PREM KI BUJHINI Full HD Movie Download

Prem Ki Bujhini (English: don’t understand what is love; Bengali 🙂 could also be a 2016 Indo-Bangladesh venture romantic drama film directed by Sudipto Sarkar and star Om and Subhasree Ganguly. it is a remake of the 2011 Telugu Hit romantic drama film 100 percent Love star Tibeto-Burman Chaitanya and Tamannaah.

PREM KI BUJHINI Full HD Movie Download

Om and Subhasree act on for the first time.

Prithviraj (Raj/Om) could also be a smart student and a topper at school. Paromita (Paro/ Shubhasree) involves London and puts up in Ras house to do to her graduation from identical faculty. every vies for the toppers position among the varsity and take a glance at to deviate each other concentration in studies, leading to variations and ego clashes. The film follows them on violent storm journey where among the end, they realize their love for each different.

A majority of Tollywood industrial films admit the tried and tested in simpler terms, remakes. Prem Ki Bujhini, for the inexperienced, could also be a remake of 2011 hit Telegu show, 100% Love. By now, Tollywood handling of remakes has considerably bettered. once there nothing new among the script, herald exotic locales, play up the songs and intensify the gloss. All this, however, is not invariably enough.

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The first [*fr1] the film is pacy and energetic. Romantic montages and stay funny lines keep the audiences engaged. Raj’s perennial tries to hamper Paro’s concentration on studies is gratifying to seem at. Paro’s approach to keeping Ras attention on her, however, is clear vexing and regressive. Her lightning-quick transition from a standard miss to a hip city-girl going Bongo lolona on the streets of London is unbelievable to say the littlest quantity.

PREM KI BUJHINI Full HD Movie Download

To add to all or any or any that’s implausible, Paro comes on board in Raj’s sinking company and helps it win a huge turnover in no time. daring much? The drugs. The plot slows down considerably and keeps continuation itself with unfailing regularity. The strive patches up, Paro unknowingly hurts Raj turgid ego and elicit a sequence of events we have seen before. Prem Ki Bujhini Full Movie Download, Free Download  Prem Ki Bujhini Movie,  Prem Ki Bujhini full movie MP4 download,  Prem Ki Bujhini High Quality Full Movie Download,


Om, administrative unit portrays a complicated, egocentric man, plays it with thoughtfulness. He convincing in every emotional and comedy scenes and doesn let the eccentricity of his character transcend permissible limits. identical cannot be said relating to Shubhasree. The actress sloppy acting and unforeseen bursts of energy check the audience patience from time to time.

PREM KI BUJHINI Full HD Movie Download

The child artistes administrative unit have a significant to play the film, too, do the associate degree exquisite job. completely different characters unit merely gap-fillers among the rom-com, with the exception of Shubashish Mukherjee as a result of the college principal. presently over to the great points of the film. the cinematography is the first-rate then unit the songs. Obhimaani mon, pictured on dominion and Paro engagement to their many fiancÃs may well be a shocking listen as is Ami raji that already topping the charts.

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The overall presentation of the film is impactful but is Prem Ki Bujhini worth your time? we have an inclination to stand live afraid, no. A stale story interspersed with lashings of mindlessness makes it a sloppy ride. offer this unhealthy remake masquerading as an energetic, coming-of-age story a miss.

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