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If Fan did not live up to your expectations or a Goutam Ghose film is not your tea, grab a shower of popcorn and go LOL with power. Warning: don’t gag on the popcorns. Power Full HD Movie Download.

There has been a spate of cop movies in all the film industries of the country in recent years. The Dabangg-Singham mash-up remake formula has worked well, every for producers and actors. And, it seems, Tollywood is in no mood to question this model. So, we have got a remake of 2014’s Telugu action heroic tale Power (Unlimited), that inserts the model to the T. Power Full HD Movie Download.

Movie Name : Power
Director Name : Rajiv Kumar Biswas
Writer Name : Rajiv Kumar
Actor Names : Jeet, Sayantika, Nusrat, Rajatava Dutta, Kharaj Mukherjee, Dipanjan Basak, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty
Release Date : 04/14/2016
Moive Language : Bangla

It’s a remake alright. Scene by scene to the extent that variety} of paper flying around and additionally a number of eggs being consumed are that a similar too! Power Full HD Movie Download.

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In Kolkata, ACP Veer Pratap (Jeet) could also be a corrupt cop World Health Organization, clear, helps a criminal Joy (Deepanjan Basak) bank in exchange of money, however, lands up dead himself within the scuffle. In Haldia, Jeetu (Jeet) desires to be a cop, however, his in-law Bhajan (Kharaj Mukhopadhyay), World Health Organization truly may be a cop, is in no mood to open doors for him. Power Full HD Movie Download.

So Jeetu steals his uniform (God is aware of however Kharja’s uniform fits Jeet) and goes around policing the city in his kinky and unorthodox ways in which, gaining quite a fandom! altogether this confusion, malefactor Joy seems to be Home Minister Ram’s (Rajatava Dutta) brother. because the film progresses, or goes into flashback modes, Jeetu meets Anjali (Sayantika), Veer Pratap meets Shruti (Nusrat), Ram meets Jeetu, Ram shoots Jeetu and plenty of bodies fly around… you get the essential plot, right? Power Full HD Movie Download.

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Now, returning to everything except for the story. The motion-picture photography is a prime notch. Fantastic locales, pano shots, sweet rides… the film’s got it all. The styling is nice too, creating the 2 girls, Nusrat and Sayantika, up the glam quotient of the film. Not that it required any longer upping, what with Jeet hot the screen in his flamboyant cop avatar! 2 pigtails, a head filled with wavy chromatic hair, bright aviators and tailored attires — he’s equally the powerful hero! this is often not a movie that tests your acting skills abundant. Having aforesaid that, all 3 of the leads offer convincing performances.

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Jeet is lovably eccentric as Jeetu and attractive as Veer Pratap. Sayantika appearance beaming and offers a fine performance. Nusrat breezes through her little anaglyph. However, once it involves emotional or dramatic scenes, that’s wherever they fumble. Rajatava has a remarkable character, and whereas not being extraordinary, he can justice. Kharaj Mukherjee all over again gets wasted in AN extremely stock character. the invention throughout this film, though, is Dipanjan Basak, world organization agency plays the violent and unrefined Joy, infusing the character with merely the correct amount of nastiness. Power Full HD Movie Download.


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The entire film might be a fun riot, and owing to Jeet’s durable grasp on comedy, it merely floats more than being the slapstick kind. One may convey credit to the primary Telugu dialogues, that air copypasted in most elements. but a variety of them square measure original and elicit some wise guffaws. some inter-textual references, sort of a mention of the Jeet-starrer, Wanted, or Fan (Oh, what timing!), is dead nicely. Power Full HD Movie Download.

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So, if Fan did not live up to your expectations or a Goutam Ghose film is not your tea, grab a shower of popcorn and go LOL. Warning: don’t gag on the popcorns. Power Full HD Movie Download.

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