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Most Welcome is degree 2012 Bangladeshi action film directed by Anonno Mamun and created by Ananta Jalil beneath his production banner Monsoon Films. The film choices Ananta Jalil and Afiea Nusrat Barsha in lead roles. This film was an official remake of the Tamil film Kanthaswamy.

It had degree Eid unhitch in August, 2012 in the Asian nation. Most Welcomes was screened in uk, where it opened in eight theaters. The international premiere has prevailed 10 March 2013 in Cineworld, Ilford.


Rifat Islam Esha, reviewing it for complete fresh Age, wrote, “Go watch the movie! It’s worthy. Laugh if you would like but it’s the first time in the Asian nation that someone has incorporated such ‘Pojukti’ [technique] in films which I feel this may take our movie industry to the ‘other’ level really shortly thus.

MOST WELCOME Full HD Movie Download

Film internet site Twitch Film describes Most Welcome as a result of the “biggest box work hit” of summer 2012.

That was my first reaction upon seeing the seven.4 out of ten rating for “Most Welcome 2” on IMDb. the sole conclusion that may be drawn from this is often that the previous reviewers and raters were either paid to go away a positive response or even they simply haven’t any plan of what a decent film is supposed to seem like (hence the 1/10 to balance out the foolishness).

Basically – Most Welcome a pair of was the worst film I actually have ever seen in my life and if you watch it, I assure you it’ll be your worst too.

Ananta Jalil’s films square measure renowned for his or her “so dangerous it’s good” unintentional comedy but the road between comedy and fully terrible cinema could be a terribly skinny line and one that Most Welcome a pair of oversteps (and it positively wasn’t comedy). currently i am not location the film is all dangerous, simply ninety-nine dangerous. the opposite a hundred and twenty fifth is that the only a few “so dangerous it’s hilarious” laughs you will get throughout the primary half the film if you watch it with a gaggle of friends…no..

you NEED to observe it with a bunch of friends as look it alone might cause you to tear out your eyeballs (you’ve scan my warning thus heed it). The over-over-over- dramatic fight scenes square measure somewhat funny and Ananta’s serious one-liners can cause a giggle, however, different than that there’s nothing else to relish during this film.

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Now that I actually have coated the transient glimpse of enjoyment you’ll expertise, it’s time to maneuver onto the pain and trauma of that horrible ninety-nine.

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Dialogue. Is. So. Bad. each single speech communication looks like it lasts regarding ten years attributable to the terrible pacing, terrible scripting and terrible acting. Let ME offer you Associate in Nursing example (no spoilers), a brother and sister (both adults) square measure reception and this is often what they sound like: (wait a minimum of three seconds at each house between words as a result of that is however slow it is) Brother: Ohio will not you return downstairs my ultranationalistic sister? Sister: Okay let’s go my sweet brother

Like, what, UN agency even uses the word nationalistic like that? “Oh hullo my nationalistic mother, I shall currently move to my nationalistic faculty for my nationalistic education, adieu and have a nationalistic day!”

MOST WELCOME Full HD Movie Download

Next up, the lighting tricks…hahahahahahahahahahaha. Let pine State tell you the only issue special relating to these effects is but unhealthy they are. the results appear to be they were created by a 10-year-old in 1990 with no education. Apparently all bullets ar explosive and bullet-holes can disappear off surfaces within 5 seconds. with the exception of action, most of the songs appear to be Ananta and Barsha ar diversion prior to Google photos…actually no it looked worse than that. collectively you may notice random bits of video throughout the film…that’s STRAIGHT FROM YOUTUBE. they’ll to boot haven’t even been given a budget as a results of you’d suppose this film was a synchronic linguistics faculty class project.

Finally, Ananta Ananta Ananta! the total film is essentially a promotional video for Ananta: – His character has posters of himself on the wall – women will examine him and instantly fall enamored – Ananta never forgets to gift a speech on being honest and type every New York minute – Ananta likes to pick out up homeless children and beat up guys in his free time – Ananta is that the superb person – ALL HAIL ANANTA!

So thus thus thus thus dangerous.

As degree Ananta fan, I approached this film with a neutral perspective despite varied negative reviews and horror stories from everyone I knew. Well, the stories were true, this film is garbage, you may not pay state to appear at it yet again and that i would advise you to appear at it…never.

While i’m an enormous fan of South Asian films, I even have to admit that Bangladeshi (Bangla) modish cinema has totally loose state. Once terribly} very whereas i’m attending to trawl youtube for trailers, but those searches unit sometimes fruitless, but not today.

Yesterday whereas nonchalantly browsing worldwide net I discovered a attempt of trailers for a number of large budget Bangla action/comedy choices that have suddenly leaped to the very best of my must-see list. every films unit created by Ananta Jalil, a Bangladeshi man of affairs World Health Organization not only acts, directs, and produces, but collectively owns a slew of assorted firms in Bangla Desh, along side degree Effluent Treatment Plant, Polo Flat Bread Print Unit, and AJI apparel Industries Ltd. that is quite a resume.

The first film is last summer’s biggest box work hit, Most Welcome. i do recognize next to aught relating to the film with the exception of the actual fact that it co-stars sweet-faced heroine Sneha Ullal, World Health Organization some diligent readers could acknowledge from my favorite Telugu film of 2010, Simha. with the exception of that, i do recognize quantity, except that this trailer is fucking impossible. there is singing & saltation, marvelous stunts, questionable CGI, and a geezer terribly} very superhero mask doing a trifle Matrix vogue shit, Bangla style!

MOST WELCOME Full Movie Download

The second film hasn’t discharged even so, but is regular for a 2013 unhitch, that is Nisharto Balobasha (Selfless Love). i do recognize even less relating to this one except that its trailer is nearly four minutes long, which they manage to cram such plenty marvelous into that four minutes that i’m tempted to travel capital merely to fill inside the gaps.

Just once you thought Hindi cinema had evolved, comes Welcome Back, Associate in Nursing indulgent literary work. A sequel to Welcome (2007) by identical makers, here Majnu(Anil) and Uday(Nana) have left bhaigiri behind and become respectable hoteliers in municipality. sometimes, the red light-weight in their heads go off style of a police beacon, but they’ve learnt to manage. Once again, every fall crazy with identical girl—a beginner brought up as Chandni(Ankita) administrative body struts around in flashy bikinis. Even, whereas they are turning out with their own marriages; on comes Associate in Nursing inconvenient sister, Ranjana(Shruti). they have her married, before they themselves tie the knot.

Action shifts from municipality to metropolis. In walks Ajju bhai(John), administrative body brags that he’s tuned in to a pair of thousand Associate in Nursingd sixteen ways that within which of breaking the 206 bones in an extremely human body! so he goes crunch, crunch till your eyes hurt. Before Ranjana and he can exchange rings, Ajay’s past catches up with him. Majnu and Uday have place away their own guns so instead they rent required Bhai(Naseer) a blind don to knock Ajju around. merely bear with American state although you’re head is reeling with the convoluted plot.


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There’s a heap of nonsense coming. required Bhai encompasses a doped-out son, Shiney Ahuja(Honey) administrative body is crazy with Ranjana. Like Ranjana’s brothers, Honey wants Ajju out of the style too. Frenemies presently launch a frontal attack on Ajay and his father Ghungroo(Paresh Rawal). everyone wants everyone dead. and a pair of greedy con women move as royalty–Dimple Kapadia(Maharani Padmavati) and her bimbette-partner(Chandni)– want everyone’s wealth.

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Frankly Anees Bazmee has pushed the envelope in tom-foolery and dumbass `ness’ here. The film is also a spread of flashy sets, mindless action and screeching actors. it’s a ham fest that is resembling dead cinema of your time. The grace is, some sensible one-liners and sincere performances. Anil and Nana ought to be referable for convincingly collaborating in jokers; congratulations to Dimple, Paresh and Naseer for property go. Surely, the stellar solid has done this film either for a handsome payment or inside the sincere hope that it will reign at the box work.

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