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Sunny Leone’s spectacular elevation in Bollywood’s ladder may create an honest script for a racy heroic tale,Kuch Kuch Locha Hai  Full Movie Download, however, her selection of films may well burst the bubble around her enigma presently. Don’t believe me? Watch Kuch Kuch Locha Hai.

Wait, let it be: It’s simply not priced it! Why do you have to bear the torture to grasp the pain of a fellow human being!

It’s not that sex comedies are not effort their mark on materialistic Indian cognitive state, except for them to be effective, the films have to be compelled to be penetrating in their content and presentation. Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum and Grand Masti were panned for his or her tone and texture, however even they’d their moments of laughter.

Film: Kuch Kuch Locha Hai
Director: Devang Dholakia
Stars: Ram Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Evelyn Sharma,

Kuch Kuch Locha Hai Full Movie DownloadThis Sunny Leone-starter has nothing. In fact, it’s obscurity near being known as AN somebody, one thing the manufacturers repeatedly secure within the promos.

No, this can be no rant from a former Sunny Sierra Leone monetary unit fan. Let’s introduce you to the premise. Praveen Patel (Ram Kapoor) could be a Malaysia-based mostly Gujarati businessperson, whose mate Kokila (Suchita Trivedi) is just too abundant into prayers and pious stuff. It’s not like that the 2 don’t love one another, however, the ‘spark’ is missing, that the director Devang Dholakia perceives as ‘sexual undercurrent’. 2 lines of a song justify his situation: Biwi she date has, Sunny alphabetic character made in, Google alphabetic character that din ye pooja until karate in.Kuch Kuch Locha Hai  Full Movie Download,

The Patel unit conjointly includes a son Jigar (Navdeep Chabbra), lovingly referred to as Jiglo (!) by his mother. Jigar may be a Hrithik Roshan trickster and is enamored along with his neighbor Naina (Evelyn Sharma), a swimming costume infant WHO likes to wash in her neighbor’s pool.Bajrangi Bhaijaan Full Movie HD Download,

Praveen Patel may be an immense fan of film actor Shanaya (Sunny Leone), WHO 1st dances on Paani wall dance so Daaru pike dance. Basically, you’ve got to be drunk to search out any thread in between the 2 songs. Anyway, she signs a movie within which she should play a Gujarati girl, and for that, she involves reside the Patel villa. ‘Locha’ starts going down at now and keep it up happening until ‘chemical local’ begins in your head.

Kuch Kuch Locha Hai Full Movie DownloadHot summer up see main Bhi hot, Maj saith large lupus erythematosus Pine Tree State do booze shot: Sunny Sierra Leone monetary unit arrives on screen with these lines so a background voice says: athletic facility me haha he our Bhi nankeen metallic element gay metallic element. As if murdering one smart recent hit wasn’t enough, the exact same song goes on like Steel prosecuting officer liver Yamaltu, atomic number 78 prosecuting officer jirga, let’s do the pain walla dance BEF ikra. Really? Such lyrics very required a writer! but, if there’s somebody WHO ought to take offense from the songs of KKLH then it ought to be a Gulzar fan as another line within the same song goes like Chai chapped chain pa ai yon letter cheating UDA ATi hui lake, sand Mujhe at in mummy Kasam ladkin term Umar ki. Trust me, you wouldn’t apprehend whether or not to laugh or cry.

Praveen Patel includes a friend WHO thinks, “Jo bhabhi on Se Kare Pyaar, who hit are Shaadi see Ankara,” so offers the audience a lesson in playacting. But, this a lot of is extremely a lot of acceptable during a film that names a stylist Roberto Mawali.Angry Indian Goddesses Full Movie Download,

There is completely no coherence within the story, playscript, and direction, and on prime of it, the manufacturers believe that the viewers wouldn’t realize any distinction in between a Gujarati girl and a Kenyan girl. a number of the scenes square measure thus creepy that you simply wouldn’t even dare to sleep. think about this one:

Later, Shanaya handily forgets the sooner language and offers an extended lecture on the flip aspect of associate degreealysis|qualitative analysis} a player.Kuch Kuch Locha Hai  Full Movie Download,

From Sunny Sierra Leone monetary unit to Ram Kapoor, everyone seems periodical in between the acute ends of ethical status and ‘chalta hai’. Talking regarding their acting within the film would solely insult their fans.


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Kuch Kuch Locha Hai is Associate in Nursing insane, flaky film with completely no intention of creating the audience satisfiable in any that manner. Avoid it if you’ll be able to. As so much because the Sunny Sierra Leone monetary unit fans square measure involved, YouTube additionally has those songs.

Kuch Kuch Locha Hai  Official Trailer

The film starts with the introduction of Pravin Patel aka PP (Ram Kapoor), his family and also the lady of his dreams Shanaya (Sunny Leone), World Health Organization could be a movie industry player. PP’s family consists of his ‘religiously religious’ mate Kokila aka ‘Krokodile’ (Suchita Trivedi) and his son Jigar aka ‘Gigolo’ (Navdeep Chabra), World Health Organization is Associate in Nursing aspiring rockstar World Health Organization area unit blithely settled in Malaya. However, they’re altogether unaware of PP’s ‘feelings’ towards Shanaya. On the opposite hand, PP’s love for Shanaya becomes Associate in Nursing obsession such a lot in order that he encompasses a secret ‘worship chamber’ of hers in his video shop! PP’s luck hits a goldmine once he gets chosen as a winner during a contest whose bumper prize could be a ‘date with Shanaya’. Amidst the ‘date’, Shanaya, affected with PP’s Gujarati mannerisms, offers to remain with him as a vicinity of her prep for the dream role of a Gujarati lady in her forthcoming film with a widely known director. PP, World Health Organization simply cannot believe his luck, finally, ends up lying to her that he’s mateless and stays along with his folks. On the opposite hand, PP sends his mate to Asian country when creating a faux decision regarding his wife’s mother’s health problem. once Shanaya tells him that she would really like to pay time during a shut knit family,Kuch Kuch Locha Hai  Full Movie Download, PP saves his skin and also the state of affairs another time by convincing his vocaliser son to become his father and his son’s girlfriend Naina (Evelyn Sharma) to become his mother! will PP manage to drag off the ‘child is father of the man’ act cleanly before Shanaya, will Kokila come back to Malaya and find to examine the important face of her scheming husband, will PP ever gather the heart to propose to Shanaya and win over her marry him and will Shanaya ever get to grasp the important truth behind PP and his ‘mysterious’ family, is what forms the remainder of the story of this comedy film.

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