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Woe to those annoying performances, those tawdrily annoying performances. Opposite to the saying that gifted actors will create a mediocre moving-picture show gratifying, Fardeen Khan associated Kareena Kapoor ar determined to make sure that their pitiful performances in bony Kapoor´s Khushi can ruin an otherwise tolerable 3 hours for the audience. Taking his semi-entertaining plot from the South Indian original Khushi, S.J. Suryah simply cannot get effective emoting from his lead actors, and we, the audience, ar left holding the short-end of the happy stick.

Director: Prakash
Writer: Prakash
Stars: Vijay Raghavendra, Tarun Chandra, Sindhu Menon

The booming baritone of Amitabh Bachchan starts off the Indian tale cherish Joy Augustine´s exuberant “Tere Mere Sapne” and you´ll be deceived into thinking this is often about to be one mighty blast going forward. We´re shown the births of Karan (Fardeen) and Khushi (Kareena) in 2 distinct components of Asian country, au fait that they´re soul-mates per the Lord´s masterful set up, and ar expected to attend for them to urge along years and years later. Khushi  Full Movie Download, Download  Khushi  Full Movie,  Khushi  High Quality Full Movie Download,  Khushi  Low Quality  Download,

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Jump forward to the couple´s late teens, and that they meet as friends through a series of divine coincidences at metropolis University. drawback is that Khushi is abhor to trust the male species, and neither soul is up for simply admitting his/her true feelings for the opposite. and then ensues a 2 hour variety of fighting, bickering, jealousy and dreaming between the 2 apparent love birds?!?! What drives them along and apart is their tag-teaming to help one or two of faculty mate lovers get along against the needs of the made girl´s mafia pa. Ho hum!

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