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Energetic hero Ram, has been lying low for quite a while currently. he’s back when an extended gap with a family somebody Pandaga Chesko. Directed by Gopichand Malineni, this film has hit the screens these days. Let’s see however it’s.
Ram returns when an extended time with  Free Download Businessman 2 (Pandaga Chesko) Full Movie. Well, the one dialogue that just about created an argument of kinds has sure as shooting generated a bit of curiosity. thus let’s see however the film has to return up…

Directed by : Gopichand Malineni
Starring : Ram,Rakul Preet Singh,Sonal Chauhan
Produced by : Ravi Kireeti
Screenplay by : Kona Venkat,
Anil Ravipudi
Story by : Veligonda Srinivas
Music by : S. Thaman
Cinematography : Arthur A. Wilson
Release date : 29 May 2015


Story Review:

Karthik (Ram) could be a wealthy bourgeois United Nations agency lives in an exceedingly foreign country in conjunction with his family. He doesn’t believe sentiments and become able to do something to expand his business. He gets engaged to a similar wealthy girl (Sonal Chauhan) and becomes able to marry her. On the opposite hand, one in all his manufacturing plant in Bharat gets into bother owing to a lady named Divya (Rakul Preet Singh). He reaches Bharat to settle the matter amicably. however pushed vain, he couldn’t succeed. But, Divya involves grasp that Karthik has returned to Bharat with a giant arrange. A twist in the tale comes, once he falls smitten with Divya. what’s his arrange ? can he achieve his love with Divya ? what’s the fate of Sonal Chauhan ? Whom he can marry ? of these forms the remainder of the story.

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Plus Points:

Ram appearance quite handsome as associate degree NRI and realizes his role well. His character is tailor created and Ram offers an infatuated performance. he’s smart together with his dances and shares a sizzling chemistry with each the heroines. without a doubt,  Free Download Businessman 2 (Pandaga Chesko) Full Movie is full on glamor and attractiveness. each Sonal Chauhan and Rakul look attractive and area unit a treat for the plenty.
Sonal Chauhan is pretty smart as associate degree self-important business girl, and Rakul plays the sweet bubbly girl’s role to the letter. Brahmanandam’s comedy is that the biggest plus and can be the main point of the film. he’s superb as weekend Venkat Rao and brings in tight laughs.
The first half of the film is nice and has some tight moments. half has typically mistaken identity quite a comedy and a few family episodes are handled well. Songs are shot nicely and each Vennela Kishore and Sampath area unit smart in their several roles. Prithvi and Shakalaka Shankar area unit smart as Vijayawada brothers.

Minus Points:

Looks like Tollywood film manufacturers don’t need to depart this safe and no-hit formula of the everyday family entertainers. Pandaga Chesko instantly reminds you of the many hit family entertainers from the past. The mistaken identities created by the hero, Brahmanandam’s entry, reuniting the families, you’ve got seen all this in several movies within the past.


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Pandaga Chesko additionally suffers from a lack of emotional depth. All the emotions showcased square measure precipitate up and bring together one when the opposite. The story of this film,Businessman 2 (Pandaga Chesko) High Quality Full Movie Download is kind of stale and gets simply predictable when some extent. There square measure too several characters that lack justification. Sonal Chauhan’s role is finished on a silly note.
Except for Brahmanandam’s comedy, there’s nothing abundant fascinating moving into the last half. Abhimanyu Singh and his character appearance foolish and off tracks the film a little. despite the fact that Brahmanandam’s comedy is nice, bound scenes square measure quite vulgar and will are simply altered.

Technical Aspects:

Music by Thaman is pretty sensible and everyone the songs are shot well. computer graphics is good and showcases the Portuguese Republic and alternative locations superbly. Costumes designated for Ram’s role square measure fashionable. playscript of the film is below average as all the scenes square measure incorporated only for the sake of drama. a piece of writing is kind of sensible so is that the background score. bound dialogues are written for M S Narayana square measure outright unhealthy and square measure over the highest.Businessman 2 (Pandaga Chesko) High Quality Full Movie Download.
Coming to the director Gopichand Malineni, there’s nothing novel to speak regarding his direction as he has dead the film in quite an easy and safe manner. despite the fact that his direction lacks focus inbound elements, he nicely sets it up with diverting comedy.

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On the complete, Download  Businessman 2 (Pandaga Chesko) Full Movie can solely provide Ram a small breather in his career. His energetic performance, glamor quotient and good comedy square measure basic assets. This film may be a clear mixture of all the hit flicks that you simply have seen within the past and doesn’t excite you in terms of story or narration. Keeping the vacation season in mind, this film,Businessman 2 (Pandaga Chesko) HD quality Full Movie may attract good crowds for its routine and safe formula. If you go into well ready and forget the logics and predictable nature of the film, you would possibly find yourself feeling this routine comedy individual.

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