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Cello Divas 2015 film Free transfer 720p BluRay The film rotates around the lives of eight companions and their journey of growing up whereas they confront the highs and lows of their connections,Chhello Divas Full Movie Download, love and sentiment, the end of their faculty days and also the begin of another life.Well, there was such an excellent quantity of buildup concerning this flick and everyone proposing to look at it double or thrice, however, perceptive once was adequate it’s solely a 1-time watch.I couldn’t discover any story in it that’s the greatest drawback. For an irony flick, a period is just too long. but five stars to the current flick solely thanks to a number of funny scenes and nice execution.

Full Name: Chhello Divas
Quality: 720p BluRay
Genres: Comedy
Release Date: 20 November 2015
Language: Gujarati
Cast: Yash Soni, Prapti Ajwalia, Jay Bhatt

Chhello Divas Full Movie Download

It’s not akin to be yaar or Kevin ceremony jail however additional clever. I trust they keep creating Gujarati motion photos however with a story.Watch it just for drama scenes and keep your mind reception. The urban Gujarati motion photos square measure growing speedier however at an equivalent time they’re not within the same category as Gujarati nunataks however rather seeking once higher.very nice push to create such Gujarati film. acting of all performers square measure nice. the plot of Amravati faculty life is exceptionally feeble.Chhello Divas Full Movie Download, govt has incontestible very modest and exceptionally profane aspect of Amravati collegians. the there square measure various circumstance in colleges which will create nice irony. be that because it could, govt has picked alternate thanks to creating giggle on an open face by such loathly and tacky comic drama.Badrinath Ki Dulhania Full Movie Download,

The last number of years have brought a ray of hope for Gujarati cinema. once Abhishek Jain‘s debut with urban Gujarati motion picture Kevin ceremony Jaish, several young administrators air coming back forward with additional and additional urban Gujarati films. Latest within the town is Krishnadev Yagnik’s directorial debut Cello Divas.

From the trailer, the motion picture didn’t appear that fascinating. however, on hearing the reviews, I assumed to grant it an attempt. Cello Divas relies on faculty lifetime of eight friends. however, these characters bunk categories, give exams, irritate colleges and fall gaga is what’s narrated within the film. this type of film has neer been created in Gujarati cinema before. Director of the film has just about lined everything we tend to do throughout our faculty life. Cello Divas can take you back there to golden amount of your life.

The story of the film is just about common. The direction of the film is nice. the most effective issue concerning Cello Divas is its dialogues and script delivery. The performance of all actors, particularly Aarjav Trivedi (Dhule), Malhar Thakar (Vicky), Yash Soni (Nikhil) ar commendable. Aarjav Trivedi aka Dholu takes all the credit. All punches delivered by character Dholu air therefore funny that they’re going to leave you in splits.

Belvedere Films has formally declared their 1st Gujarati motion picture, ‘Cello Divas – a brand new Beginning’. Cello Divas is regular to be discharged within the month of Gregorian calendar month across a hundred screens in Gujarat and fifteen in a city. Directed by Krishnadev Yagnik, the motion picture revolves around the lives of eight friends, showcasing their journey of growing up, highs and lows of their relationship, love and compassion, a finish of faculty days and starting a brand new life.Chhello Divas Full Movie Download,

Chhello Divas Full Movie Download

The launch event was attended by the leading solid of Cello Divas – Yash Soni, Malhar Thakar, Kinjal Raj Priya and Janki Bodiwala beside director Krishnadev Yagnik and inventive producer Vishal monarch. Yash, Malhar, and Kinjal have luggage of expertise operating in Gujarati movies, TV series, Drama moreover as the film industry, whereas Janki United Nations agency has received several beauty awards could be a debutant.

To leave an enduring impact on the audience, Belvedere Films have managed to induce a number of the most effective talent within the business as their lead solid moreover as music artists like Prithvi Gohil, Jeffrey Iqbal, and Meghdhanush band are a region of this revolution in Gujarati screenland.Wajah Tum Ho Full Movie Download,

Talking regarding the film, Director Krishnadev Yagnik same, “It has been an exquisite expertise creating this film aboard my childhood friend Vishal monarch. The film has revived the exciting recollections of our faculty days as we’ve created each effort to make sure that this urban Gujarati picture does not solely entertain the youth however conjointly offer grown-ups an opportunity to live their faculty days.”Chhello Divas Full Movie Download,

The film conjointly aims to bridge the gap between regional movies and film industry by victimization the most effective technology and sets. The camera accustomed shoot the picture, Epic X Red Dragon, is taken into account the most effective within the business to provide the best customary of image quality. But, thanks to the expense hooked up it’s solely the fourth time that such camera is employed in the Asian country, following Bhaag Milka Bhaag, Kick and PK.

Chhello Divas Official Trailer

Krishnadev Yagnik side, “We powerfully believe that the fashionable setting, urban theme, and high-end technology can facilitate modification the passive perception towards Gujarati picture and draw the attention of a larger audience.”


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Creative producer, Vishal monarch unconcealed, “Cello Divas could be a kinky strive against kids and it summarizes the journey of growing up. The audience is going to be ready to simply hook up with the film through one or the opposite solid as all the eight characters within the film square measure terribly completely different from one another. we’ve unbroken the larger audience in mind so as to require Gujarati movies to ensuing level. however while not the support and belief of our producers Ayush Mehta, Nilay Chotai, Pranay Kabra, Sandal Dang and Sharad Patel, we’d not are ready to use the most effective technology to deliver best image quality.”

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