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Byomkesh O Chiriakhana Bangla movie.Retired justice Nishanath subunit approaches Byomkesh Bakshi, asking him to seek out-out regarding unimportant thespian Sunayana, World Health Organization he believes has been living sneakily in his spacious Golap Colony — a fishery-dairy-poultry farm — associate degree unofficial rehab for social misfits. a visit and a few searching later, Byomkesh learns regarding the murder of subunit and revisits the colony to hunt the reality.

Directed by: Anjan Dutt
Produced by: Kaustav Roy
Based on: Chiriyakhana
by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay

Starring: Jisshu Sengupta
Saswata Chatterjee
Shantilal Mukherjee
Priyanka Sarkar
Saayoni Ghosh
Kanchan Mullick
Neel Mukherjee (actor)
Narrated by: Saswata Chattopadhyay
Music by: Neel Dutt
Production company: RP Techvision (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Release date: 7th October 2016
Language: Bengali


Towards the tip of the film, Anjan Dutt — within the garb of what clearly feels like Anjan Dutt, shades, cap, jacket in situ — completes a film director on the United States, the unsuspecting audience. within the role that he has introduced himself, he admits being a ‘Byomkesh Bakshi fan’. That, in a very shell, sums up his own romance with the franchise, that he has been out on a limb to push. it’d are easier to remake Chiriyakhana than being truthful to Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay’s name novel. Byomkesh O Chiriakhana Bangla movie Download . And Dutt, WHO likes to take the road less cosmopolitan, pledges his loyalty to the second. Just that, his Byomkesh is exclusively his.


Set in an exceedingly fictitious colony, associate hour some from Sealdah, Byomkesh O Chiriyakhana begins with Nishanath fractional monetary unit, UN agency sent many to the nose throughout his tenure as a choose, invitatory Byomkesh (Jisshu) over to unveil the mystery around a time actor. With aide Ajit (Saswata) and a producer friend in tow, Byomkesh makes a brief trip and comes back a lot of nonplussed. simply once fractional monetary unit seeks closure, he gets dead and Byomkesh is implored to start the probe by his friend, a cop.Byomkesh O Chiriakhana Bangla movie

With the associate epic ensemble, all of UN agency square measure social outcasts, Golap Colony may be a zoological garden larger than the one in Alipore. that everybody living there’s a reformed criminal adds to the story its several layers. whereas the novel too doesn’t influence why fractional monetary unit felt that Sunayana, an actress, had taken refuge in his colony, Dutt steers away from the subject, the start line. What he builds instead square measure the potential motives behind the crime. may it’s Sen’s spouse, Damayanti, UN agency too just like the rest, encompasses the past? Or his kinsman, Bijoy, UN agency has been in secret siphoning off the colony’s funds? Or is it one in every of the numerous residents with criminal records?

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Byomkesh, seen here as a vulnerable and even temperamental sleuth, UN agency detests the label Satyanweshi, may be a one-of-its-kind portrayal of the detective. he’s neither the Sharadindu Byomkesh known for his cool manner nor Ray’s large detective contends by Uttam Kumar. The latter, in fact, was seen as a bachelor, living in an exceedingly mussy pad with a snake as a pet. Speaking regarding the command that Ray had over the idiom of the Yankee heroic tale of AN earlier time, Andrew Robinson had once written,Byomkesh O Chiriakhana Bangla movie ‘It is AN idiom that suits Uttam Kumar, UN agency here has one thing of the sex of Humphrey Bogart or actor.’

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The question here is, will Jisshu return any close? Jisshu’s attractiveness is unmoving in his friendly neighbor avatar. Suited up for the occasion, the scene wherever he visits Associate in Nursing recent Chinese para, brings back reminiscences of Uttam Kumar, disguised as a Japanese expert in Ray’s film — tho’ the things area unit as completely different as chalk and cheese. Jisshu could be a treat in scenes freelance of Saswata, however, is partly eclipsed in those with him. That apart, all the actors in smaller roles, except Satyabati, do their bit to feature drama to the plot.


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Dutt is, in fact, each the strongest and weakest link to the film. within the climax scene, that has many actors returning along, he scores. Ray, not a disciple of whodunits, thought denouements were long and boring, but here, Dutt keeps the audience hooked. Again, the most important anomaly during this sophisticated Sharadindu novel on misfits is Dutt himself, Byomkesh O Chiriakhana Bangla movie. WHO may have done higher by explaining why he was there Any respect} and had Byomkesh chasing him at the tip — is it an allegory for reality wherever Byomkesh, as an issue, keeps haunting him? conjointly, 2 Duets within the same film is AN o.d. He may well have allowed another actor to dub for Bijoy aka Riju.

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Breaking far from the inside, this can be one Byomkesh that takes its characters on a brief trip to what clearly is Bolpur. The camera, however, refrains from exploring its beauty, however, kisses actors in close-up shots. Also, there’s nothing to validate the age within which Byomkesh is about. The author had once written concerning the place being become a site of recent technology post warfare II, and Dutt attracts nothing out of it. If he will pay a tribute, it’s to a fictitious character, to not a movie created fifty years agone. Even Ray hero-worshipped him. once Ajit items along with some clues and Byomkesh breaks into, ‘Elementary, my dear’, Dutt lets his love for author show through.Byomkesh O Chiriakhana Bangla movie Download.

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