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Brother of Bommali Full Movie HD Download, Comedy King Allari Naresh, goes through an uninteresting introduce his career as a number of his past few films haven’t hit the bull’s eye. he’s back with yet one more someone within the kind of Brother of Bommali. additionally prima Karthika Nair as his twin sister, this film has hit the screens nowadays. Let’s see however it’s.


Ramki(Allari Naresh) and Lucky(Karthika) area unit twins UN agency take issue on each side. whereas Ramki may be a straightforward fun affectionate person, Brother of Bommali Full Movie HD Download his sister may be a dare devil and a tomboy naturally. One fine day, Ramki falls dotty together with his colleague Shruthi(Monal Gajjar) and reveals regarding his affair to his folks.

Name:Brother of Bommali
Directors:Chinni Krishna.
Writers:Chinni Krishna.
Stars:Allari Naresh, Karthika Nair .
Actors:Bhanu Sri Mehra.
Released: 06 Nov 2014.

Ramki’s father lays a condition that unless his sister gets married, he cannot tie the knot. A helpless Ramki starts looking for a groom, however, his sister keeps the sound off all those matches. throughout now, Lucky additionally reveals that she loves an IAS officer(Harshvardhan Rane) and can solely marry him at any price. Twist within the tale arises once Ramki finds out that he would be brother in law is obtaining married to some one else Brother of Bommali Full Movie HD Download.

Brother of Bommali Official Trailer

What can Ramki do currently? however, will he get his sister married? What happens to his sex? to understand answers to all or any these queries, you wish to look at the film on the huge screen. You can also download  Chuttalabbai telegu full movie.

Plus Points:

The comedy angle between Naresh and Karthika is sort of new and has started up nicely. All the scenes and situational comedy that has been designed around them works well. Once again, Allari Naresh proves that he’s a master of comedy flicks. He plays his role with utmost sincerity and even permits Karthika to dominate him whenever the script demands. Karthika is Associate in Nursing apt selection for this film and plays her half supremely well. Brother of Bommali Full Movie HD Download, She is nice along with her dances and fits nicely into the plot.

The entire half is fun and is nicely originated for the second. Comedy, romance and fun parts throughout this era are dead brightly. Vennela Kishore is extremely sensible because of the funny boss and plays his half well. Srinivas Reddy and his cluster capable support Naresh and convey in humorous comedy punches throughout the film.

Minus Points:

With this film, it’s yet again verified that Tollyood manufacturers love the conventional safe zone plots. After fixing the primary half quite interestingly, the second half has the routine drama and comedy which you see in almost every film these days. The story shifting to a smaller town, Brahmanandam’s entry and mistaken identities comedy, this is what you get to see even in this film too. You can also download Seenugadi Love Story  telegu full movie.

The climax of the film is clashed and is just hurried on to us. Heroine Monal Gajjar has nothing much to do in the film, and so is Harshvardhn Rane. Ali comes in a for a few laughs but disappears after a while. Some how Brahmanandam’s role as Kona Venkat does not click this time around. All his scenes are bland and same as in his previous films.

Technical Aspects:

With the budget that this film is made, the entire set up looks good. Production values are decent and showcase the film beautifully. The camerawork is routine and does not hold anything special. Dialogues need a special mention as they have been written brilliantly.

Brother of Bommali Full Movie HD Download, One liners area unit humorous and those written for Naresh’s sidekicks area unit terribly sensible. Music of the film is simply regarding OK, and every one the songs are shot the right way.


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Director Chinni avatar has done justice to the story for many of the films. He has maintained the tempo throughout the primary 0.5, however, falters slightly throughout the second. it’s not that the playscript or his direction that’s unhealthy here, however, it’s the expertise throughout the half that is extremely routine and obsolete.


On the total, Brother of Bommali has the proper mixture of fascinating story and a few funny comedy. Complete half, Naresh and Karthika’s performance area unit immense and points. On the flip facet, if you are doing not mind seeing Brahmanandam’s usual routine comedy and a predictable plot, you’ll be able to safely watch this film and wouldn’t be foiled.

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