Akhil (The Power of Jua) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

In the recent times, one film that created large packaging and raised high expectations is Akhil Akkineni’s debut film Akhil (The Power of Jua) Hindi Dubbed  Full Movie. The younger son of prime star Nagarjuna has the nice fan following among ladies along with his beauty and also the trailers and songs of his 1st film have any upped the curiosity. Some even aforementioned he’s consequent champion. ‘Akhil’ is perhaps one amongst the foremost anticipated films this year. Directed by the proficient V V Vinayak, this film has hit the screens when a large spherical of promotions. Let’s see whether or not Akhil impresses along with his debut film or not.

Directed by: V. V. Vinayak
Producer: Nithiin,Sudhakar Reddy
Writter: Kona Venkat (dialogues),Veligonda Srinivas (Story)
Starring: Akhil Akkineni,Sayesha Saigal,Bramhanandam,Mahesh Manjrekar
Background Score:Mani Sharma
Cinematography : Amol Rathod
Edited by: Gautham Raju
Release date: 11 November 2015


Akhil(Akhil Akkineni) may be a happy go lucky guy World Health Organization falls softly on with Divya(Sayesha Saigal). He keeps chasing her and once the couple starts obtaining near one another, Divya is suddenly kidnaped by some African nationals World Health Organization also are in search of a scientific ball known as Jua.
What will Akhil do currently? however is Divya connected to those fearful criminals? what’s this Jua all regarding ? to grasp answers to those queries, you would like to observe the film on the large screen.

Akhil (The Power of Jua) Official Trailer

Artists’ Performances:

Akhil has danced sort of a dream. His dance steps square measure on par with the simplest of the dancers within the country. he’s sensible at action stunts too. he’s an honest trying actor too. aside from these qualities, sadly there’s not abundant to speak regarding his acting skills. plenty has to be improved. Sayesha Saigal has an appealing face and he or her terribly hyperactive once it wasn’t required. Rajendra Prasad is okay. Mahesh Manjrekar and also the different villain gang have given terribly dangerous performances. Saptagiri and Brahmanandam have generated some laughs. Vennela Kishore is sweet.

Plus Points:

Download Akhil (The Power of Jua) Hindi Dubbed full movie in hdOne of the most important assets of the Akhil (The Power of Jua) Hindi Dubbed  Full Movie is Akhil himself. The young hero makes a putting debut and is definitely set to hold the Akkineni gift forward. Akhil is outstanding along with his dances and has performed his action sequences additionally quite well. Expressions wise, he has to regain however his dialogue delivery and visual communication square measure fine.Sayesha Saigal appearance pretty and is certainly a realize for Tollywood. She has superb screen presence and is ready to become a prime star within the future. Being a trained dancer, she impresses success all told the songs. Credit ought to additionally visit the means songs are lavishly shot and choreographed.
Akhil’s introduction fight and also the 1st song are dead quite creatively. half of the film is racy and moves at a brisk pace. the idea of the film is good and also the 1st fifteen minutes square measure spectacular.

Minus Points:

One of the most important drawbacks is V V Vinayak’s direction. One will simply say that Akhil is his weakest film to date. The means he has narrated the film and dead some key scenes throughout the half is pretty dangerous. half loses steam and also the entire African episode and climax appearance jaded and out of place.
Graphics used square measure below par and spoil the mood of the Akhil (The Power of Jua)  Hindi Dubbed  Full HD Movie Download utterly. The black leopard fight, below water episode and climax plane fight are hampered by some poor VFX work. when putting in place the film well until the interval purpose, Vinayak brings in some silly comedy scenes and drives away the seriousness of the plot.

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Technical Aspects:

Anup Rubens’s music is that the best within the academic department. Background score by Mani Sharma is kind of spectacular and then were the dialogues. lighting tricks are good within the songs, however, is below par throughout the half. even supposing the academic department tried exhausting to usher in the African impact with their sets, some shoddy work by the graphics team creates matters worse.


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Coming to the director V V Vinayak, he has done a mediocre job and will not execute what was on paper. when a degree, he rushes through with the Akhil (The Power of Jua)  Hindi Dubbed  High Quality Full Movie Download and ends it in a very hurry. Also, the regular valor that is showcased all told his films is missing success in Akhil. Peple who liked also likes  Free Download Businessman 2 (Pandaga Chesko) Full Movie


On the entire, Akhil may be a good launch pad for the Akkineni descendant. he’s exceptional along with his dances and offers AN all spherical performance in his debut film,Akhil (The Power of Jua)  Hindi Dubbed  High Quality Full Movie Download. the attention-grabbing premise and a few sensible songs square measure basic assets. however, a below par narration, noncurrent half and over the highest graphics spoil the mood and makes this film simply a mean affair. Watch it just for Akhil Akkineni’s spectacular show.

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